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EZ-ACCESS Suitcase Trifold AS Ramp

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Your Path to Unparalleled Accessibility on the Go

Experience the perfect blend of convenience, strength, and versatility with the EZ-ACCESS Suitcase Trifold AS Portable Ramp. This exceptional ramp boasts a unique 3-fold design, setting new standards for portability and ease of use. Whether you need accessibility for raised landings, steps, or larger vehicles, this ramp has you covered.

Key Product Features:

Trifold Design: The Suitcase Trifold AS Ramp's innovative 3-fold design is engineered for ultimate convenience. Need to transport longer ramp lengths? No problem. This portable ramp can quickly separate into two easy-to-carry sections, reducing handling weight and making transportation effortless.

Slip-Resistant Surface: Safety in all weather conditions is a priority. That's why this ramp features an applied slip-resistant texture, providing mobility devices with the traction they need to navigate any environment with confidence.

Patented Hinge: The Suitcase Trifold AS Ramp's hinge boasts interlocking brackets, ensuring smoother operation and reducing pinch points. Your safety and comfort are paramount.

Self-Adjusting Transition Plates: Going from ramp to ground has never been easier. With independently self-adjusting bottom transition plates, the ramp smoothly adapts to the terrain, offering a seamless experience wherever your journey takes you.

Range of Lengths: To cater to your specific requirements, we offer a range of ramp lengths from 5ft to 10ft. Whether it's a modest elevation or a steeper incline, there's a Suitcase Trifold AS Ramp that suits your needs.

Quality Craftsmanship: Proudly made in the USA, this Suitcase Trifold AS Ramp reflects American craftsmanship at its finest. We believe in its durability, which is why it comes with a lifetime warranty. Your investment is protected for the long haul.

Suitcase Trifold AS Ramp FAQs

How easy is it to transport the Suitcase Trifold AS Portable Ramp?

The 3-fold design and ability to separate into two sections make this ramp highly portable, reducing handling weight and simplifying transportation.

Is the ramp suitable for use in various weather conditions?

Yes, the applied slip-resistant surface ensures that the ramp offers superior traction in all weather conditions, keeping you safe and secure.

How does the patented hinge design enhance the ramp's operation?

The patented hinge with interlocking brackets ensures smoother operation and reduces pinch points, making setup and use a breeze.

Can I use this ramp with larger vehicles, such as SUVs or vans?

Absolutely! This ramp is ideal for larger vehicles and can accommodate a variety of accessibility needs.

What is the weight capacity of this ramp?

The Suitcase Trifold AS Ramp can support up to 800 pounds, no matter the length of the ramp. 

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