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Testimonials & Reviews

At Weiner's Home Health Care Center, we greatly value our customer relationships and take our home health service very seriously, but don't take our word for it!

Read what our customers have to say and see why people keep coming back to us:

“Yesterday, I came into you with a problem I was having with my Drive Portable Nebulizer. Although I had not purchased the nebulizer from your store, you made every effort to resolve the problem. 
I sincerely appreciate the kindness and consideration you extended for one in need.”

- Harvey B.
“Please accept my sincere thanks for going out of your way to show me how to put my husband’s support stockings on his feet and legs. You were so very helpful to us and are such a dear!”

– Rona & Harvey D.
“I wanted to thank you for getting the Serola belt for me. It has helped so much. I’m standing up straighter and the pain has really lessened. It stays in place and forget that I am wearing it (very comfortable). Thanks so much for being so helpful.”

– Jody T.
“Thank you so much for lending me your wheelchair. It was extremely helpful. I appreciate your generosity.”

– Rhona P.
“This piece of equipment (vitrectomy chair) was a life-saver for my husband’s eye surgery.”

Alzine H.
“Thank you for your wonderful service. Your kindness will never be forgotten.

- Yvonne H.  
“Thank you for your help with the “tens” unit. I can eliminate the drugs and the expense of therapy. It works well. I thank you.”

– Jimmy C. 
“Thank you all for the countless times you’ve gone out of your way to make my life with lymphedema less stressful. Your dedication is a blessing to me.”

– Kathy V. 
“I wish you a lifetime of good health for you and your loved ones—in repayment for the kindness in your heart. Your staff was wonderful to me.”

– Lynne
“I realize I am very late in thanking you for the mitzvah you did for me last year. My son was so sick and I was falling apart, but I was so touched that a stranger would go out of his way to help me by delivering something he needed so badly that late in the day!!”

– Caroline G. 
“Thank you for my new compression stockings. I think they are made of a better quality—making them feel so much better. They aren’t tight around my legs—especially below my knees. They certainly feel stronger in texture. I truly appreciate them and hope to order more soon.”

– Caroline B.
“Thank you so much for your help in getting my bill paid by BC/BS. With your ongoing guidance and ultimately succeeding in getting the bill paid 100%. It definitely would not have happened without your input! Many thanks!”

- Marie S. 
“Once again, a big thank you to Dr. Weiner for handling my dilemma in dealing with the staff at my datughter’s pediatrician’s office. Your staff is wonderful! Thanks again.”

– Mary L. 
“Thank you for all of your hard work and organization. It certainly has made my job easier! I wish you luck in all your future endeavors!”

– Elizabeth R.
“Just a note to express my gratitude for fast service.”

– Carol B. 

Do you have a testimonial you'd like to submit to Weiner's Home Health Care Center?  We'd love to hear from you.  Send us your feedback today!