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How To Choose A Lift Chair

Know the Basics of a Power Reclining Lift Chair

  1. Go from seated position to standing position with a push of a button.
  2. Recline fully to enjoy a good night's sleep.
  3. Infinite positioning allows you to create your perfect pose throughout the day.
  4. Zero Gravity helps reduce pressure on circulatory and respiratory systems.
  5. Heat and Massage relieves that achy back.


Why You May Need A Lift Chair

WHAT is a Lift Chair….a device that will gradually lift the person to a standing position and it will similarly, descend the person into a sitting position.

Why that is important…SAFETY!

For both the user of the chair AND the caregiver.  The user won't hurt or strain themselves attempting to pull their weight up and out.  The caregiver doesn’t worry about hurting their loved one, nor do they worry about hurting themselves at the same time.

A Lift Chair plugs directly into any standard outlet.  It also features a backup power supply that is activated when the power goes out.

Lift Chairs are nearly limitless in style and comfort and can accommodate you whether you are 4’9” and weight 85 pounds or if you are 6’5” and weight 500 pounds.

Lift Chairs offer many different reclining positions designed to relieve discomfort on pressure point areas or relieve back pain.  They can recline completely flat and can be a wonderful place to sleep.

WHO benefits from a Lift Chair…many elderly and those with who suffer from arthritis or limited mobility will find Lift Chairs to be THE answer!  People who struggle with stability, leg or back weakness love having the features of a Lift Chair. 

Lift Chairs Promote Independence!

It allows people to stay in their homes.  The impact extends past physically impaired user.  Families are impacted in the most positive way!

If safety is a constant concern, let the Lift Chair take some of that burden off the caregiver.  A person using a lift chair will function more independently.  Caregivers appreciate time saved and are able to take care of their other chores.  Lift Chairs, with their specially designed structure, are easy to operate.  Hand controls are the key tool that prevents the injury!  With the touch of a button you can adjust the Lift Chair to any position you need.

WHAT else do I need to know…Lift Chairs come in many styles and sizes.  You need to be properly fitted.  One Size Does Not Fit All!  Each chair is made for a certain height and weight.

You or your loved one will be spending a lot of time in the Lift Chair.  You want to sit and try as many as possible before you invest in one.  You are looking for the one that will assist in relieving your discomfort.

WHERE should I buy?  If you are comfortable purchasing  your furniture  that you will spend a considerable amount of time in, without trying, and comparing to different models, then purchasing online may be an option.  However, if this concerns you, then visiting a local expert with many models to test drive is probably the best option.