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Fall Prevention and Safety Checklist for you Home

Check to see that:

Stairway hallways and pathways have:

  • Good lighting and are free of clutter
  • Firmly attach carpet rough texture or abrasive stripes to secure footing
  • Tightly fastened handrails running the entire length and along both sides of all stairs, with light switches at the top and bottom.
  • Clear pathways of clutter and electrical cords
  • Paint the top and bottom of stair to show contract with other stairs
  • Keep outdoor steps and walkways in good repair

Bathrooms have:

  • Grab bars conveniently located in and out of tubs and showers and near toilets
  • Use raised seat and safety rails for toilet
  • Utilize grab bars and a chair in the tub
  • Use non-slip mats or install adhesive strips in bathtubs and showers
  • Night lights

Bedrooms have:

  • Night lights or light switches within reach of bed(s)
  • Easily reached telephones, convenient to bed(s)
  • Keep hospital bed in lowest position (if applicable)
  • Keep flashlight nearby in case of power outage

Living areas have:

  • Electrical cords and telephone wires placed out of walking paths
  • Rugs well secured to the floor
  • Furniture (especially low coffee tables) arranges so they are not in the way and so the pathways are not obstructed
  • Couches and chairs a proper height to get into and out of easily

For safety information on any medical equipment, contact any of our locations.